What I Am Reading this Week!

So - you might think that reading self-development books, especially those that are linked to sales, aren't for everyone.  Especially if you aren't in sales!


I've been reading Grant Cardone's "Sell or Be Sold,"  and the premise is that no matter what we are doing in life, we are either selling or being sold to.  For example, when a man falls in love with a woman and proposes, he is selling her on the idea that a life commitment with him is what she wants.  (And hopefully, at that point in the relationship, it is :-)

Anyway, it's a really good read!  I've been listening to the audio on audible, and it's been so valuable that I just ordered it in hard copy.  I suggest doing both!  It's a great listen for the first time (or multiple times) as you are driving or working around the house, and the hard copy is great for making notes and for the "touchy-feely" types. :-)

Happy Reading!

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