Fun Finds Friday

I had a happy Friday this week! Look at my treasures.  I can't tell you which of my finds this week I like best!

I love the little blue Samsonite.  It really helps round out my collection of vintage suitcases, but I can't honestly tell you whether it's the actual suitcase I'm so in love with or the vintage Southwest Airlines bag tag!  Since I work for Southwest when I'm not off at garage sales or repurposing some items, I'm a little partial to all things Southwest.  It was a little more than I normally spend on suitcases - $5.

I found two really fun vintage spice racks.  $4 for both!  I have plans for these babies and can hardly wait to get at them.

I don't know what that heavy metal foot thingie is, but I like it.  I imagine it had something to do with shoe cobblers.  I seem to be in a foot frenzie lately.  If anyone knows what that is, please advise.  I really liked it and it was only $2.

The clock is vintage-looking, but it's probably just from World Market or something like that.  It needs some work and I'm thinking about giving it a remodel.  For $1, if all else fails I will salvage the cool hardware on it.

The last thing I found was a little jar for .75 cents.  I can always use glass jars.

All this for less than $13.  Since I'm way under my normal garage sale budget for the week, I think I may have to go splurge on a frozen yogurt!

Hope you have an awesome week.

Happy Thrifting!

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Fun Finds Friday

I was a ‘vintage girl’ when vintage wasn’t cool.  It all started with my mom – who was also a vintage girl.  I grew up with antiques in every room. Like many things passed down by your mom, I inherited her love for anything old that possessed character. 

In the late 80’s when the Cowboy and I got hitched, my sense of style and taste were completely different from everyone my age.  Our new home was filled with antiques that I brought with me to Texas from California (where I was raised), while theirs were filled with glass and brass.  The Cowboy and I scoured the antique section of the newspaper and haunted antique auctions to furnish our home.  Our very first purchase was a vintage dining table at an auction.  Our second purchase was a tiger oak buffet and hutch.  They are still my two most cherished pieces of furniture in my home.  Some day, if I ever finish my living room makeover, you will get to see them!

Our dining room had a large bay window where I grew up.  On one side of the window was a collection of old bobbins. When I see old bobbins, it brings back special memories for me of family dinners gathered around the huge antique table in that room.  Because of this, a couple years ago I started collecting old bobbins. 

Sometime in the next year, I plan to purchase a cargo trailer and salvage the rest of the antiques and items that are special to me and bring them to live with me here in Texas.  My brother, who now lives in her house, has no sense of sentimentality when it comes to things.  In fact, I have almost taken my shotgun to him when I have discovered some of her antiques that he has either given or...THROWN away.  He says Mom is in his heart and he doesn’t need ‘things’ to remind him of her.  While I completely agree, some of her ‘things’ just bring me comfort and seem to bring her a little closer.

I had a great thrifting day on Friday.  While everything wasn’t cheap, it was all a great bargain.

I have been wanting a Keurig Single Cup Coffeemaker, but they are so expensive and I only want it for when I am hosting Scrapbook and Stamping events at my house.  (, so it has been hard to justify buying one.  But then I went to a yard sale and I found this brand new, in box, Keurig.  This model usually runs $160 and I got this baby for $60!

Aren't those the coolest old wood shoe forms?  I got all three shoe forms, the bobbins and the vintage Polaroid for $25.  

I know.

Don't hate me.

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I interviewed for a new position at work today.  It’s amazing how a normally poised, confident, sometimes eloquent person can be reduced to a quivering mass of nerves that exhibit themselves by talking too loud, too fast, and too jumbled.  And did I actually lisp a couple times?  Why didn’t the points I intended to make and the things I wanted to say come out in the neat little phrases I practiced in the car all week?  Why did I forget to tell them several of the reasons they need me?  Why, when I am normally very fast with a comeback or response, could I barely answer the questions I was asked?  I am not a nervous person.  It normally doesn’t bother me too much to be in the limelight.  I guess I was so nervous because it means so much to me.

Before every life choice, I ask God for guidance.  I ask Him to open doors if it’s His will, or to take away my desire if it’s not.

 This is a case where I am hoping with every fiber of my being that God’s will and mine converge.
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Bedding for Brodee

I have a sewing machine that I purchased when I was 19.  It was the very first electronic sewing machine made by Viking, according to the salesperson.  Based on when I purchased it and how old I am now, I guess you could call it vintage.

I used it a bit when I first got it.  I took some classes with my Mom and learned how to make lingerie, bathing suits, and even a tailored suit.  But, to be honest, I never really liked to sew until I got my first home and was having our first son.  I designed and made all his baby bedding.  It felt so good and I really enjoyed doing it.

Fast forward 22 years.  My son is having a baby.  I work full-time, work two outside the home businesses, and spend a lot of time with the Cowboy (who really likes me to be close to him as much as possible.)  I cannot figure out why I blurted out that I would make the baby bedding for my first grandchild!

After a few weeks and stolen hours, I finally finished it today.  I will never do it again unless I get a new machine.  It was a challenge because my 'vintage' sewing machine was not very friendly to me and kept jamming up.  But, all in all, I am happy with it.

I really wasn't planning on blogging about it and, since sewing is not really my thing, I didn't take any pictures of the actual process, but I thought I might as well share it with my 11 followers!

My son did a great job on painting the baby room.  I don't have any before pictures, but their apartment was all white walls.  He installed a chair rail and painted one wall with stripes and the other in a pale lime green.  I couldn't set up an actual photo shoot, so please pardon the lack of nice pictures.

This is the bed prior to being made up.  The colors are pale lime green, black and white.  Three of the walls are the shade of green in the picture.  You can see the black chair rail behind the bed.

My son painted this wall in black and white stripes.  I love it!   He did a great job.

I apologize about the quality of the pictures in this post.  It was super dark in the apartment and most of my photos were from my phone. In addition, it was jam packed with all their baby shower goodies that I tried to keep out of the photos.  I love the way the rag quilt turned out.  In case you have a hard time seeing it, that prints are white elephants on a black background, black giraffes on a white background, white minky dots, black and white houndstooth and black and white dots.  The bed skirt has a pleat in the front and it in houndstooth and the bumper pads are black and white dots.

I think I may surprise them with a cute window treatment, but haven't decided what to do yet.  I think it turned out pretty sweet.  What do you think?

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