Fun Finds Friday - Vintage Jackpot!

Wow!  I really hit the vintage jackpot this weekend with my thrifting adventures!  Just look what I found!

Everything Vintage!
Dress form, old photographs, floral frogs, old craft books, vintage scale, vintage poloroid

I have been wanting an antique dress form for my sewing/guest room, but they have been so expensive.  I basically stole this from the lady that was selling this one.  Shh!  Don't tell anyone!

She is a little rusty on the top and it just makes her more beautiful.  She also has the figure I would like to have!

I have been collecting vintage floral frogs.  I have them in my craft room to display some of my hand-stamped cards and to use for taking pictures of them.  Plus, they are just cool-looking.  And look at the old Kismet cards from a vintage 1975 game.  They are going to become scrapbook and paper crafting ephemera in my etsy shop someday soon.

And speaking of ephemera.....these vintage Workbasket magazines are filled to the brim with really cool old ads and ephemera.  I'll do another post in the near future to show you the insides of some of these old beauties from the 50's and 60's.

Vintage photos are super hot right now and I hit pay dirt with these from an estate sale!  It's beyond me how family would want to get rid of their heritage, but I guess I won't complain since I am the beneficiary of part of this estate.  Many of these are the old kind that are mounted on a thick postcard style backing.  I haven't explored the dates on these yet, but they are all black and white, and I would guess that some of the older ones are from the late 1800's to very early 1900's.

These will be awesome in some paper crafting projects I have planned and will ensure that the pictures, if not the memories of these long ago loved people stay alive.

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I'll be back - real soon!!

This has been a year where I have had to just hang on with all my might, but I promise I will be back and posting some Fun Friday Finds, amusing stories and great trash to treasure projects!

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