Cowboy Christmas

It's February 10th, and I'm just getting around to posting about Christmas.  All my good intentions of blogging more frequently, posting more projects and linking to more parties has kind of flown the coop.  But I keep hoping I'll find and make time!  Hang in there!  I have some great projects on the way.

We don't tend to have traditional Christmases around our little farm.  We did have the traditional Christmas Dinner (any excuse for stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy!)  While it was in the oven and while we were waiting for my oldest son's family to arrive, the Cowboy and my two youngest decided to go "mudding" around the pond.  It had been a rainy week and we needed facials.  It looks like it will be the start of a fun, new family tradition!

And, I can't resist including a little pic of Brodee :-)

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FUN at Work

I’m guessing that most of us, given the choice, would not work outside the home. (It takes away too much time that we would rather devote to all the home improvement projects and crafts we want to do!) But, if you have to work, Southwest isn’t a bad way to go!

One of Southwest’s philosophies is to have FUN in the workplace. Things were starting to get us down a little in Customer Relations, and we’ve had such an explosion of growth, that it was difficult to find your co-workers in the maze of cubicles. So, in the Spirit of Southwest, we decided to address the problem by giving our rows street names. Just naming our rows would never be enough for Southwest, so it grew into a row naming and decorating contest. It would encourage Teambuilding, help others find us and, most of all let us have some FUN in the workplace.

We have quite a crew of crafty, talented people. It was so fun to visit the other “streets” in our Department. Here are some of the cutest row names:

The Luv Boat
Las Vegas Strip
Ducks in a Row
Swanopoly St.
Luv Line

Our row became 737 Mad Hatter’s Court (Our planes are 737's). It was a lot of fun having the “Tea Party” yesterday. I forgot my camera, so I can’t share all the details that made things so cute, but here are a few pictures of our row.

Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest) and Colleen Barrett ('Mom' of Southwest) were our judges.  It's always so fun to see them.  Herb is known for kissing the girls, but my kiss didn't get snapped in time :-(   (I'm the one in the colorful jacket.)  Get a good look, because next time you see me, there will be less to see.  I'm down 12 pounds and have 40 to go!)

Our row won first place!  Coming in second was Las Vegas Strip (they were AWESOME - complete with wedding chapel, bookies, the Golden Nugget, etc), and third was Ducks in a Row.

I would still rather have stayed home and worked on projects today, but at least I have a festive place to work!

Here's a link to more pictures from the whole department.
Happy crafting,
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