Treasure Found, Lost and Found Again!

I purchased a super cool, unique, vintage hutch at a garage sale last week. I couldn’t wait to get it home and install it in my remodeled craft room. But, when I got it home it just didn’t look right in the only place I could use it. I was heartbroken. It is such a fun piece and it had a great story. The man who sold it to me was in charge of the estate of his grandmother. He told me stories of the family dinners around the dining table in the room where the hutch spent the last 60 plus years. I fell in love with his story, his hutch and his family and I promised him that it was going to a good home that would continue to cherish it.

Since it wouldn’t work anywhere in my house, I was left with no option but to put it on craigslist. A lot of people cringe at the thought of a “craigslist encounter”, but I have had several wonderful encounters and met some delightful people through craigslist. Within ten minutes of posting it, I had received five inquiries. (I got a good deal and was passing it on to a lucky purchaser.) Email conversations began. I always try to be conscious of the first responders and give them first shot if I have anything to sell. I ended up pulling the ad down almost immediately because of the interest. Anyway, to make a long story short, the first responder decided I lived too far away, so the second responder jumped on the opportunity (who, incidentally, lived quite a bit farther.)

I wish I could have afforded just to give it to them. They turned out to be a young, beautiful family of four (two small boys) that were absolutely adorable. They even had to come in two vehicles because the truck would not accommodate them all! It was so fun to meet them, hear their story and make a little connection. They made my night.

I no longer felt blue about having to give up the special garage sale treasure because I found a new treasure in a special little family that day. And, I was able to keep my promise to the sweet man who sold it to me. It was going to a good home that would cherish it.
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