Where have I been?????

Wow!  I never post anymore!  I have been so very busy and I thought it would be nice to let you know where I have been!

As you can tell by previous posts, I lost my brother in May, 2013.  He actually got very ill in January of that year and the Cowboy and I spent a lot of time in CA while he was in the hospital from January through May of that year.  Between working full time and traveling there, most of my crafting and thrifting activities have been on hold.  He was living in the family home, which has actually been mine since my mother passed; however, he wasn't taking care of it very well.  During his hospital stay, we spent a lot of time repairing and taking care of things long neglected.

After he passed, we had to make a decision of what to do with the home.  I could not bear the thought of selling it.  It is my DREAM home and always has been since we built it.  I also couldn't bear the thought of having someone rent it full time because we would no longer have access to it and it really wouldn't feel like mine or like home any longer.

So, I decided I would turn it into a crafter's paradise!  I had a craft house in Texas several years before I sold it because of city ordinances.  I loved having the house and visiting with the wonderful ladies who graced the home with their presence.

In order to turn the family home into a scrapbook/quilt/crafter's retreat, it needed a lot of work.  We have been going to CA at least once a month to take care of things.  So, that's why I haven't been around much.

Anyway, although we have a lot of things we still want to do at the house, it is now good to go for a retreat!  I'm so excited!

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