Music Box Makeover

I found this music box/jewelry chest at a local garage sale the other day. It was marked down from $3 to $2. I have been doing a room makeover for my teenaged daughter and I thought it would be the perfect dresser accessory! (Her room has a music theme, and hopefully, I will finish sometime this century so I can show you pictures!) I'm especially proud of her wall, which I made into a piano keyboard. Maybe a few of you will pressure me into completing the room so I can post pictures!

Here is the original music box:

Here is a sideview:

Don't you just love the detail on the music box?Her room is done in black, white and red.  I decided to paint the whole base black.  I happened to have some black, glossy Krylon on hand.

It only needed one coat.

I really love the detail on this box.

Here it is completely painted:

At another garage sale recently, I picked up some sheet music for .10.  Since her room has a musical theme, I figured it would be perfect incorporated into the music box.  I just cut the sheet music up to match where the original artwork had been, attached with mod podge and then later coated with mod podge to protect the paper.

Here is the completed project.  I think it needs something else.  Maybe some red ribbon around the lid with a cute knob?  What do you think?

Sorry for the picture quality.  I am having some camera issues.  But you get the idea :-)

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