One Down, Five to Go....

Monty Python is not dead yet!

This morning, I heard on the news that Monty Python is having a last reunion for a live show. When the tickets became available, it sold out in 44 seconds! They had planned on doing only one show, but because the demand was so high, they are doing nine additional shows, with the last one (July 20) being simulcast in about 2,000 theaters. 

My brother was a huge Monty Python fan and it was a tradition for our kids to watch The Holy Grail with him several times on each of their frequent visits out West. I’m pretty sure that they can all quote the whole movie verbatim and that possibly their first words hailed from scenes of the movie! I am not a theater-goer, but I think I should make an exception and find one simulcasting to share this last experience with the kids in honor of their beloved uncle. The date of the final show is also Chad’s birthday. I think there’s some type of cosmic significance to that fact.

One of the original cast died many years ago. The show, in typical Monty Python humor, is titled, “One down, five to go.” 

My brother would have loved that.
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