Fun Finds Friday

October and November are our busiest personal months with the Cowboy having to ready the ranch he manages for a big event for over a thousand people and then at the event close, he heads out for his Colorado hunting trip. I spend a lot of time helping him with both events, so I don't get any projects done from all the weekends I work with him. I manage to get in a little thrifting, but I hope someday soon, I can actually repurpose and use all my goodies!

I had a lean week as far as garage and estate sales go, but I'm very happy with what I found from one stop.

This is a tea service, three primers from 1905 - 1914, a couple of vintage pictures and an old postcard.

I paid more than I normally would for some of these goodies, but I really wanted the coffee/tea service for a project I'm collecting items for to complete ($20 for the set), $5 each for the primers and .25 for the pictures/postcards.  I'm very happy with my lot.

Here is a closeup of the items:

I have some decorating ideas for some of these items.  I hope to share them with you in the next few weeks.

I did try to start some of my makeover projects, but then Texas did it's "weather" thing and it got too cold and/or windy for me to work outside.  I need a workshop!

Happy Thrifting,

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