Change of Heart

Dear Cowboy,

Remember when I said I would follow you to the ends of the earth?  And be perfectly happy wherever we were, as long as I was with you?

Remember when I told you I was excited about the prospect of moving to Alaska or Wyoming with you, and that cold, wintery days sounded just perfect and cozy?  We could snuggle by the fire and read our books or watch old classics?

Remember how we fantasized about early retirement, spending our days at home with no major commitments, putzing around the house, doing our own thing and not having to leave the homestead for days? 

I lied!

After four days of ice and snow and only getting out because I had to go to work, I’ve changed my mind!  Being cold and homebound isn’t as romantic as it sounded in our dreams.  But maybe I’m just being bitter since I’m stuck at home trying to chop through the ice for the animals, hauling hay and feed in frigid Texas temperatures, and braving the icy roads without you, my love, by my side. 

Whose idea was it to let you go to Maui without me for 10 days anyway?
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