My daughter brings music to my life - sneak peak

So, I'm actually not ready to do a whole room reveal, because, as usual, it's only partially finished. (And, as a typical 18 year old, it's also a MESS!)  But a Facebook friend, Kristine McKay and someone whose ideas I just love did a segment on one of my favorite shows (Studio 5) today about music crafts, so I am blogging a little about our projects, mainly to share with Kristine :-)

A couple years ago, while my daughter was off with friends for a couple weeks, my husband and I decided to surprise her with a room makeover.  It was still in the Raggedy Ann motif of her infancy, and at almost 16, she really deserved a more grown up, fun look.  She loves music and is an awesome percussionist.  With a little help from her mommy and a teacher, she has basically taught herself piano and she is also pretty good on the flute.  So, we decided to do the makeover in red, white and black.  It would incorporate Broadway musicals (one of our passions) and an overall musical theme.  One of the things we decided that would be fun to do would be to create a keyboard on one of her walls.

We have finishing touches to put on it, but I think it turned out AWESOME.  I just love seeing it on the wall.  To add dimension, I asked the Cowboy (who was wearing his Handyman cap) to cut pieces of balsa wood for the black keys of the keyboard.  It really pops!  I hope to finish this room in the next couple weeks so I can show you how cool all the little touches are.  Sorry about the picture.  I don't have a wide enough angle on my lens, but you get the picture!  (Pun intended .)

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  1. That is sooo amazing. I wish I someone handy enough to do that for one of my kids. She's a lucky girl.

  2. Looks cool. I hope to see the final reveal soon!!!!! Link it up to when you are finished!!!

  3. it looks great! thanks for linking up to Make it monday! :)

  4. I'll be looking forward to thr room reveal! I'm intrigued!


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