Fun Finds on Friday!

I found some really fun things this weekend and got some great deals!  In addition to what is in the picture, a lady gave me an antique chair that needs to be refinished - FREE.  How I LOVE that word!  Most of what I found this weekend will be for personal use or ebay/craigslist reselling, but I am going to re-purpose the records, wine rack and plate holders in the near future. I haven't decided whether or not to re-purpose the vintage spice rack for my craft room or sell it.

What you see below is a vintage magazine holder, vintage spice rack, two iron plate displays, antique bed warmer, wine rack, antique bellows, 2 music CD's, cribbage game and two Fossil purses.  I got all this, plus my antique chair and an unpictured vintage first aid kit and crowbar for a mere $26!

My daughter took a look at the floral Fossil purse, and promptly stole it from me.  I'd say she probably got the best deal of all!  It's great fun to have your 18 year old prodigy get a kick out of my new hobby.  She even accompanies me on some of my garage sale adventures and is starting to think like her mommy.  A proud moment for me (smile).  What's even more fun, my Friday adventure was done with my favorite Cowboy.  He found and purchased the vintage first aid kit.  How I love that man!

So, now that I have posted my Friday Finds, I'm going to have to make sure you see them again as new items in Trash to Treasure!
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