Does the fact that I’m posting Fun Friday Finds on Sunday reveal that I’m either a procrastinator or really busy?  I’m going for the really busy, but the truth is, I procrastinated!  I got too busy researching my finds to actually post about them!

These were all found at Estate Sales.  Usually, I find Estate Sales too expensive, but I felt like a got a couple really good deals.  I guess my ebay sales and makeover items will tell whether it’s Trash to Treasure later!

I got all this for $30!  Pictured are a Vintage porcelain lamp, brass lamp, floral etched plate (hard to see), two plant/plate stands, two cool blue bottles, a hurricane candle holder with silver-leaved feet, a Vintage Brighton Jacket in perfect condition, two Anne 
Klein leather clutches and a set of pub placemats.

For an additional $75, I got this really cool Vintage Antique Wrought Iron and Brass double bed.  I love this bed!  I’m debating about keeping it or not because I have been looking for one, but if I can sell it at a really good price……

I couldn't honestly tell you whether it's more fun to Makeover something from Trash to Treasure or sell it at a profit!  I'll let you know when I get a little more experience (smile)!
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