While the Cowboy's Away........

While my cowboy was lazing away in the warm, tropical clime of Maui with his Dad, I plotted my disgruntled, left-behind, really needed a vacation too, revenge! 
Since our weather has been so yucky, I’ve discovered that while it doesn’t beat the real thing, online shopping does have its charms.  For example, I can do it at 2am and there is more open than just Walmart at that time of night.  I can do it in my bed, in my jammies while sipping latte.

So, while the Cowboy’s away, this Cowgirl has played!

Revenge:  Part One

Pottery Barn.  I exhibited amazing restraint while shopping online at this store.  Mostly because, while I love some of their ideas and products, I think it’s excessively expensive and way out of my league budget-wise.  But I have had my eye on a product that I really wanted and had been discontinued.  I just noticed recently that they have revived it online and I just can’t live without it.  It’s going to be used in my craft room to display my hand-stamped cards.

Revenge:  Part Two

So, for parts two and three I decided to shop from my own catalogs because maybe then they could be considered business and advertising expenses?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So, here’s what I ordered from Thirty-One.

Cute, huh? 

Revenge:  Part Three

You can never have too many stamps and scrapbook products, can you?  Well, you can if they are older, but not new ones!  So, I went shopping in my Stampin’ Up! Occasions mini-catalog.  I can’t cut/paste the pictures of what I ordered, but I can tell you that it’s Sale-A-Bration season at Stampin’ Up!, which means a FREE stamp set for every $50 ordered….and I got SEVEN FREE sets! Some of my favorites are Take A Spin, Game Spinner Hands, all the Designer Series Papers and Fabrics, the new rosettes, the new trinkets (especially the keys!), Sew Suite, Button, Button, In Stitches, and more! 

Revenge:  Part Four

I have a HUGE full-wall, solid rock fireplace.  No mantle, no d├ęcor (unless you count the deer antlers my cowboy has positioned within the rocks.  I know…classy!)  I have been wanting to get corner display shelving to spice it up a little.  

Really, $100 corner shelves don’t seem like much of a revenge compared to a ten-day trip to Hawaii, but it’s all cumulative.  I got the best part of my revenge on the earlier purchases and I easily outspent the Cowboy's trip with what I’ve posted here and all the other things I didn’t post or take pictures of. 

I probably would have gone out and gotten my new Mac while he was gone, but Mother Nature apparently thought I had done enough damage and she halted the activities that I didn’t want to do online.  So the Apple Store, Kohls and Macy’s sales will have to wait until the next time. 

Honey, didn’t you want to go hunting somewhere?  
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  1. Okay, Randee...look forward to seeing it all!


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