"Let there be Light"

Last night was our turn to host a weekly bible study at our house.  Since we knew it was going to be a small crowd, the Cowboy built a nice, cozy fire for us.  (For those of you who are not familiar with our bible studies, it’s a little song, a little prayer, a little sharing of verses and thoughts from the study.  It’s just an intimate little gathering of a few friends to learn more about the bible.)  

Anyway……we are in the middle of prayer when we hear this little whoosh and the living room is plunged into utter darkness.  I look out the window and it is pitch black outside.  The whole area seems to be affected.  Guided by the firelight, I tiptoe out of the room (surprisingly managing to avoid stepping on anyone’s feet), down the dark hall in search of a flashlight.  The hallway is so dark that I have to touch walls as I go to find my way to the end.  I bash my knee on the corner entry of the bathroom and luckily, hold my peace.  (Swearing out loud during prayer would not make the best etiquette.)   Finally, I reach my bedroom and the Cowboy’s dresser, which houses about five flashlights.  (Yes, we have antler décor on our fireplace and flashlight décor on the dresser.)  The first three flashlights do absolutely NOTHING when I switch them on.  Luckily, the last two work. 

Now, I set about finding a lighter to fire up some candles.  I know where I have about four lighters.  They are in my craft room, but the door is currently blocked by our houseguests and it would be really awkward to interrupt their prayers, make them get up, move their chairs and go into the craft room to retrieve those lighters.  So, I think, ‘let me check the laundry room.’  The Cowboy often forgets to empty his pockets and I have a jar in there where I drop all the goodies that have been washed unexpectedly.  Success! There is a small lighter in there.  The centerpiece on my dining table (which is part of the living room) actually has four candles in it, so I light them, gather the candles from the nearby bathroom, light those and it is now time to share in the study.  The Cowboy tells everyone we can just take turns reading and sharing thoughts by passing the flashlights to each other.

All in all, the fire was serendipitous; it was a very nice study and quite a memorable experience.

Oh!  The study?  Genesis 1.  “…and darkness was upon the face…”

God has a really wicked sense of humor.
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