Cowgirl's Life

It's 11pm and I am just snuggling into bed with the Cowboy when the dogs raise a huge ruckus outside. I grab my glasses, don the Carhart over the PJ's (in-laws are visiting) and walk outside. It's pitch black outside and the dogs are barking down by the chicken house. I head down there and come almost nose-to-nose with a big, black, approximately 700 lb cow. There are about 10 of these babies milling around my yard along with two donkeys. I go back to the house, hop on the 4-wheeler (the more expedient form of a horse) and chase the cows east, across the creek back to the neighbors on the east side and then circle around and chase the donkeys down the creek west to those neighbors. Put the 4-wheeler back in the garage, remove the Carhart, crawl back into bed and resume holding the Cowboy's hand, our nightly "go to sleep" ritual.

All in a day of the cowgirl's life! :-)

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  1. Don't let my husband read this; he'll get ideas about delegating night watch to me!

    1. Mrs. Hearts,

      I think you are safe. The chances of your hubby being interested in my blog are about nil to zero!


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