I interviewed for a new position at work today.  It’s amazing how a normally poised, confident, sometimes eloquent person can be reduced to a quivering mass of nerves that exhibit themselves by talking too loud, too fast, and too jumbled.  And did I actually lisp a couple times?  Why didn’t the points I intended to make and the things I wanted to say come out in the neat little phrases I practiced in the car all week?  Why did I forget to tell them several of the reasons they need me?  Why, when I am normally very fast with a comeback or response, could I barely answer the questions I was asked?  I am not a nervous person.  It normally doesn’t bother me too much to be in the limelight.  I guess I was so nervous because it means so much to me.

Before every life choice, I ask God for guidance.  I ask Him to open doors if it’s His will, or to take away my desire if it’s not.

 This is a case where I am hoping with every fiber of my being that God’s will and mine converge.
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