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I was a ‘vintage girl’ when vintage wasn’t cool.  It all started with my mom – who was also a vintage girl.  I grew up with antiques in every room. Like many things passed down by your mom, I inherited her love for anything old that possessed character. 

In the late 80’s when the Cowboy and I got hitched, my sense of style and taste were completely different from everyone my age.  Our new home was filled with antiques that I brought with me to Texas from California (where I was raised), while theirs were filled with glass and brass.  The Cowboy and I scoured the antique section of the newspaper and haunted antique auctions to furnish our home.  Our very first purchase was a vintage dining table at an auction.  Our second purchase was a tiger oak buffet and hutch.  They are still my two most cherished pieces of furniture in my home.  Some day, if I ever finish my living room makeover, you will get to see them!

Our dining room had a large bay window where I grew up.  On one side of the window was a collection of old bobbins. When I see old bobbins, it brings back special memories for me of family dinners gathered around the huge antique table in that room.  Because of this, a couple years ago I started collecting old bobbins. 

Sometime in the next year, I plan to purchase a cargo trailer and salvage the rest of the antiques and items that are special to me and bring them to live with me here in Texas.  My brother, who now lives in her house, has no sense of sentimentality when it comes to things.  In fact, I have almost taken my shotgun to him when I have discovered some of her antiques that he has either given or...THROWN away.  He says Mom is in his heart and he doesn’t need ‘things’ to remind him of her.  While I completely agree, some of her ‘things’ just bring me comfort and seem to bring her a little closer.

I had a great thrifting day on Friday.  While everything wasn’t cheap, it was all a great bargain.

I have been wanting a Keurig Single Cup Coffeemaker, but they are so expensive and I only want it for when I am hosting Scrapbook and Stamping events at my house.  (, so it has been hard to justify buying one.  But then I went to a yard sale and I found this brand new, in box, Keurig.  This model usually runs $160 and I got this baby for $60!

Aren't those the coolest old wood shoe forms?  I got all three shoe forms, the bobbins and the vintage Polaroid for $25.  

I know.

Don't hate me.

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  1. I've been wanting a Keurig too! Great finds!

  2. Wow - what a great find!! Congrats!!

  3. Love it! The bobbin/spools are great. I think they're my fave! Thank you for linking up over at Cap Creations. We love having you!

  4. I am waiting to find a Keurig at a yard sale too. I am the only coffee drinker in the house so buying the cups shouldn't get too expensive. I am too cheap to pay full price for a maker though.

  5. The shoe forms are great, I just love middle one.

  6. Great finds, love this..I'm officially following you from ..I'm Marilyn and really love your blog..Hope you can stop in and visit sometime..Off to indulge in more of your treats..Ty..

  7. You've been featured over at Cap Creations! Come take a peek.

    Thank you for linking up, we love having you!


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