Fun Finds Friday - Knit One, Purl Two

One of my fondest memories is set in the yarn shop my mom owned when I was in the third grade.  It was in a cozy little house in our small country town.  My girlfriends and I would walk there after school and she would make us hot chocolate, feed us snacks and teach us how to knit and crochet while we sat in comfy chairs around the warm Franklin stove.  If I had the money and didn't have to work full time, I would recreate that same little atmosphere and open my own little shop like my mom's, but I would have to include paper crafts classes, which is my main passion.

When I stumbled upon this week's Fun Finds, it not only thrilled the thrifter in me, but it took me back to a very happy time in my life.

I love it when I go to a garage sale and the lady of the house is a compulsive craft shopper!  I feel an instant kinship with someone who has triplicates of the same thing!

Check it out:

I actually gave away some of the items I was able to purchase from this lady before I took this picture, but you can see I hit the mother lode of knitting and crocheting!

Here are some closer looks at what I was to steal!

This set appears to be new.  I checked it out at Joann's and it was $69.99 there!

These are lighted crochet hooks.  They are new.  The little tabs that need to be removed to engage the battery are still intact.  In addition, there were several packages of replacement batteries.  They still have the price tags on them from Hobby Lobby and each package was $2.49.
This is a complete set of crochet hooks.  In all, I think there are probably four full sets or more between all the different styles.

Want to venture a guess on what I paid for all of this?  

I would love to have more followers via Google Friend Connect or BlogLovin'.  I don't want followers because I want to have this huge following and to monetize my blog.  I honestly don't have time to make a lot of blog posts, which you can tell by looking at the history of this blog.  It's just that   it is more fun to create posts when I know I am sharing my fun finds, crafts and Cowgirl Chronicles with other people who may enjoy them.  Can you help me make it to 100 followers?  

In May, I am going to do a drawing with my new followers and will send a package that will contain some of the goodies above.  Comment on this post to be entered.


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  1. Okay, Randee, I am going to click on Follow for you. Came over from Junkin Joe. Great bargains. I am that woman who buys in triplicate also. I always wished I had paid attention when my grandmothers crocheted and tatted. Hoping you make it to 100!

    1. Oh my word, Donna! I love your blog. I am a new follower on bloglovin'. Thanks for helping me out. So - a story about silver. I started collecting pieces to do an Anthro knock off....that was three years ago, but I still have hopes of actually doing something with my collection on of these days!

  2. Hi Randee. I came over after you visited my blog. This is my kind of garage sale. I am drooling over all the stuff!! I will click follow and hope you will do likewise. Have a super weekend and here's hoping you get to 100. xxoo Dianne

    P.S. I would go to a little shop like your mom had. It sounds fun. I love to knit and crochet.

    1. Hi Deanie,

      Thanks for following! Wait til you see my finds from today! I am going to follow you back, but your follow widgets don't seem to work for me. Have you considered adding the Google + widget or GFC?

  3. Wow, Myra...that would almost be a crime!!!!


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