And Now....The Rest of the Story.....

When I posted this story on my facebook page, all my friends and acquaintances bugged me for a few days to let them know how it ended.  I just realized, I never updated it here.

And now….the Rest of the Story….(from this post)

It’s Wednesday morn at crack of the dawn,
I roll out of bed and stifle my yawn.
I’m tired and cranky, not really sure why –
Until I remember last night, (with a sigh.)

There’s always something stealing my rest
While putting my patience and good humor to test!
I contemplate what the Cowboy has done
As I exit the front door, by which rests - a large gun.

I decide there and then that ignorance is bliss
Since knowing the answer could put my spirit amiss.
So, my friends, I can’t tell you how this story ends-
The interpretation thereof, on you, it depends.

All I can share is when at home I returned,
Out in the front yard a HUGE bonfire burned!

The End.
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